Narita Alley Walking
Another town to walk the temple Narita

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〖The ups and downs Narita Alley Walking〗

What is the well-known place in Narita city?

Narita international airport? Sure!

Narita-san Shinsyo-ji temple? Of course!!

Have you ever been to seven towns (Kami-cho,saiwai-cho,Hanazaki-cho, Ta-machi,Azuma-cho,Hon-cho,Nakano-cho) which join to Narita-san?

The old back roads have been used by people since
Edo* era still exist
in these beauthiful towns.

We sometimes image that peaple who lived of the past come and go along roads when we enjoy walking on paths just like a maze.

Do you like to take a walk ?

Are you intereted in learning local histry ?

Would you like to get it on the act ?

Searching and hiking in any paths and back roads are fun!!

You might find 
Jizo(Buddha)** which are deities lead you to the different Narita world.

You should not miss a great lunch with us after walking,OK?

* Edo era 1600~1867

**Jizo Traveler’s guardian deities that defend against evil spirits.
Protecting travelers and safety on trips.
They are set up roadsides and crossrorads.They are shaped out of stone.

Walking Map

Japan map of English

[You can print by clicking the following map in English] 

Course guide


 North course over the Jizo  about 3km       about 2hour 

※Please have a margin in time.
The walk there are individual differences.

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